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2017-08-25 02:32 pm

Still Alive

Hey this thing is still up!

So I leveled up further to real teacher now as I'm teaching high school English. Also I'm a mommy now! Yay!
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2012-06-14 03:45 pm


Mel gets Summer School Position!

Mel levels up to Summer School Teacher.
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2012-06-10 07:05 pm

New Title for Prometheus...

Got this one from Brad's Midnight Screening for Prometheus. They really need to retitle the movie, "Dude, Don't Touch That". Seriously, that's so true.
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2012-06-06 09:12 pm


Alas, Ray Bradbury has finally left for Mars...

Farewell Ray, I shall re-read The Martian Chronicles just for you.
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2012-05-30 06:57 pm

Making the Jump

Well, I'm slowly making the cross-over to DW as I've noticed more and more people are leaving LJ. (Which is kind of funny, since I just came back to LJ after leaving FB..... so many acronyms.....) But I'll still be crossposting to LJ for those of you who haven't come over to DW.